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New technologies are allowing more detailed examination of the body than ever before, advancing both our ability to diagnose disease earlier and our knowledge of the complex interactions between the microscopic cells in our tissues and organs.


Hard copies of the Breakthroughs in Bioscience and Horizons in Bioscience series are available upon request. Please include the desired article, quantity and purpose for the publication's use with your inquiry.

3D Bioprinting: A New Dimension in Tissue Engineering

Posted on: November 04, 2016


In 1984, Charles Hull patented a process he called “stereolithography.” Now called three-dimensional (3D) printing, this technology has been used to manufacture rocket engines, custom-fit athletic shoes, and other 3D printers. The medical field also has reaped the benefits of 3D printing. Imaging data from computed tomography (CT) scans, ultrasounds, or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can produce 3D images on a computer, and precise 3D-printed anatomical models can be used for teaching or to help in surgical planning. Download the PDF or listen to the podcast below:


Nanomedicine: A Targeted Approach

Posted on: March 12, 2015


Nanomedicine: A Targeted Approach - Nanomedicine is beginning to change the way scientists and physicians diagnose and treat disease. Unlike conventional therapies, these tiny particles – 1,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair – can seek out diseased tissue and access hard to reach places in the body. This article will provide readers with an understanding of what nanoparticles are, how they specifically target diseased tissue, and how they diagnose and treat some of our most devastating diseases.  Read more...

Optogenetics: Illuminating the Brain

Posted on: March 12, 2013


Optogenetics: Illuminating the Brain - Imagine being able to treat and control debilitating neurological disorders with a flash of light! The emerging field of optogenetics represents a promising new approach to the eventual understanding and treatment of a number of devastating neurological and psychiatric disorders. A word first coined in 2006, optogenetics uses light-responsive proteins, genetically introduced into the cells of living organisms, to control the behavior of highly specific cell populations.  Download the PDF or listen to the podcast below:

FASEB Releases New Breakthroughs In Bioscience Article Entitled "Spying On Cancer With PET Scans"

Posted on: July 19, 2011


Spying on Cancer with PET Scans - The ability to peer inside the body non-invasively has revolutionized modern medicine. With positron emission tomography (PET), physicians can not only look at the body’s internal structures, but can see the metabolic signs of disease.  Download the PDF or listen to the podcast below:

Magnetic Resonance Imaging: From Atomic Physics to Visualization, Understanding and Treatment of Brain Disorders

Posted on: March 15, 1998


Magnetic Resonance Imaging: From Atomic Physics to Visualization, Understanding and Treatment of Brain Disorders -MRI is now an invaluable, noninvasive tool in the diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders. Researchers learned how to refine and interpret MRI images based on work done with animal models.  Read more...


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